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If you want to go fast be alone, if you want to far Go Together!

African Proverb

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It is time to move forward.  The Black Culture Celebration is a showcase and celebration of the diverse black culture and talent in our community. It will exist as a vehicle to replace the need for the protective  Black Lives Matter movement by building awareness and connection to the black community. 

Sunset Beach Park is the location for this event as it's the historical site where our fight for justice & equality began.*the connection part here can be a stat indicating how black people are discriminated against in Canada in all areas from school, to the workplace, and the justice system. The event will be on June 19th, 2022. Opening at 12 pm, there will be a stage with a sound system and lights. The joy and festivity of this event will bring the whole community together.

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June 19th
Sunset Beach

This is a nonprofit, crowd-funded event, solely dependent on the donations of the community and businesses. We have made the event free for the public so that all people can attend, regardless of their financial circumstances. The funds being raised are to cover the event costs.  The performers and artists participating are a group committed to building the bridge between the black community and the greater community.  As such, most have generously donated their time and efforts.  That said, there are overhead costs that must be covered.  These include: the production of the event, safety plan for the attendees,security, traffic control, green event and artist honorarium.


Remaining funds raised will go towards the operations of ‘Go Supernova’ an organization dedicated to helping youth who come from underprivileged backgrounds like myself growing up. Our goal is to build a safe space for these youth to prosper.

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June 19th
Sunset Beach

Since its time to evolve, this event will occur in Sunset Beach Park, the historical site where our battle for justice and equality started. *The connection here can be a statistic indicating how black people in Canada are discriminated against in all sectors, from education to the workplace and the court system. The occasion will occur on June 19th, 2022. It will start at noon, with a stage equipped with a sound system and lighting. This event's happiness and festivity will unite the whole neighbourhood.

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